Roller Coaster Weekend: A Prelude to My Misfortune

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

So this past weekend was Easter weekend, and initially I thought it was going to be great, but to my misfortune, it was actually more like a roller coaster of disastrous events. It all started with Friday’s weather. Despite the fact all week it was sunny and at least 60 degrees, Friday turned out to be rainy, windy, and a maximum of 50 degrees. How convenient, we get the worse weather on the day of our final competitive spring game (first drop on the coaster).

Aside from the terrible weather, things actually turned out to be pretty decent on Friday. We beat Penn State University 2-0 that night, and I must admit even though it was windy and chilly, it’s tons of fun to play in the rain(1st peak on the coaster). The pace of the game accelerates, and a wet ground makes it really fun to slide tackle. Except when you wind up on the receiving end of a slide tackle. I fell victim to a few slide tackles throughout the game, but none more painful than the two footed tackle this girl initiated in the middle of the field. I was tracking back on defense when a ball popped out of our 18 yard box. I was in a foot race with a girl on Penn State to get to the ball first and prevent her from serving it back into our box. Then, just as I extended my leg out to win the ball, she hit the ground and slid at me with two feet, studs up. It happened so fast, but in my head it was in slow motion. I thought, at that moment, I was going to break an ankle or some part of my leg, but luckily she only clipped the top of my foot. I still have the giant lump and bruise to show for that tackle, but it beats the heck out of a broken bone (2nd drop on the coaster).

I retalliated shortly after though, and my revenge was much sweeter than the little bruise on my foot. My teammate Amy O’Sullivan picked up a ball around midfield. She ran at the PSU defensive line, beat one girl, and slipped a perfectly weighted pass behind their back line. I ran onto the ball, took a little touch to my right, and shot the ball back across the left side of my body. The presence of a PSU defender on my left shoulder caused all my momentum to fall forward, and I slid on the ground after my shot. As I picked my head up to follow the path of the ball I noticed it dropping right in the back of the net for a goal. Scoring a goal, on your home field, for your fans and team to cheer for, against a big time opponent such as PSU, is one of the greatest feelings anyone could ever experience. And to add to my bliss, I jogged back to my half of the field, right passed the girl who studded me, and smiled. Ahhh! Sometimes it feels great to let the b*tch out and shut someone up (peak two on the coaster).

Friday ended on a good note, with a victory celebration with my team. Then Saturday started off decent enough. I woke up, packed my car to head home for Easter weekend, and ate a great breakfast with my parents. We left College Park around 1:30pm, for what was suppose to be a leisure drive home with an ETA of about 5:30pm. Of course that was not the case, with a holiday as big as Easter, and traveling on everyone’s agenda. The trip took almost 6 miserable hours! There were patches of heavy traffic in almost every state. Delaware, worst of all, decided to do major construction on their bridge that links the Northeast region of the coast to the South. It took nearly two hours to get from the Maryland border of the bridge to exit 1 on the New Jersey Turnpike. It didn’t help much either that my GPS is very simplistic, and I was trying to follow my parents, whose GPS was giving them alternate routes to avoid every bit of traffic the whole way home. I wound up doing two extremely long and detoured loop arounds to finally head in the right direction home, and eventually got completely seperated from my parents on the road (huge drop on the coaster).

When I finally arrived home, I had a nice dinner with my brothers, played with my dogs, and then went out to visit an old friend of mine. It was a relaxing night after a long days travel, and when I came home from my friends house, I passed out, for a well needed night’s rest (3rd peak on the coaster).

So now, as I’ve said my weekend was a bit of a roller coaster of up and down moments, right? Well right about now is when we slowly start to climb up for the monster drop. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The slow creep up for the biggest drop ever on the track. There’s usually a sign at the top that says something annoying and witty like, “Smile for the camera”, and makes you second guess why you even got on the ride in the first place.

Well, here’s my ultimate drop. When I woke up Sunday morning, I had a pounding headache and my throat was extremely sore. My body was aching all over, and I didn’t want to move from my bed. I called out to my mom, and told her I didn’t feel well, so she brought me a ton of medicine. I eventually fell back asleep for a few hours, and some of my pain subsided, but I still felt sick. Then, the next wave of medicine came, TheraFlu. YUCK! I drank it down, burning my tongue and throat with every gulp, and eventually fell asleep again. By the time I woke up it was a quarter to 6pm, and I had to start packing my car to return to school. I slept through all of Easter! It was so depressing. I missed my dad’s big breakfast, and my mom’s dinner (the best parts of Easter). I was miserable, too tired to drive, and upset I missed all the Easter festivities and my parents cooking. To top off this miserable Easter Sunday, I hit a ton of traffic on the drive back and it was pouring rain, so it took another 6 hours to get back! When I finally got back to school I was too tired and pissed to unpack my car so I walked directly to my dorm, and went right to bed.

After having the longest weekend ever I fell right asleep. I expected to wake up Monday morning feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work, but I felt even more miserable then the day before. Shortly after I was diagnosed with the dreaded tonsillitis. What a perfect ending to the longest 96 hours of my life!


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