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I woke up this morning to rain droplets covering my window. Unsure of whether it was currently raining, or if the droplets were just the last remaining sign of a night storm I slept through, I pulled the curtain back, squinted my eyes, and searched for rain droplets. I spotted droplets splashing into a puddle on the walkway outside my window. Then I decided to check my phone to see what the weather was suppose to be like today, and it confirmed another day of spring showers. My first thought was “aw man, it’s going to be a miserable day out”, but then I remembered the saying, “you can’t appreciate the sunny days without having the experience rainy ones.” So I started to think, “hmm….what’s something good about rainy days?” Then it hit me- rainbows! One of the prettiest phenomenons nature has to offer us; the sun coming out after a rain shower, and capturing the beautiful light rays of ROYGBIV.

Flickr: Rainbow Series 1

Then I got this idea, since it’s Word Wednesday, how perfect would it be to introduce you guys to the rainbow. That way even if the sun doesn’t come out later this afternoon, I can shed some beauty on your day: at least for a short moment. So without further ado, the rainbow!

Definition- a skill, in which you kick the ball over your head, so the ball takes a path shaped like a rainbow.

(New this week) Execution Process-

1. Start with the ball positioned between your legs, with one foot facing forward, and one foot angle outward

2. Lean forward so that the ball feels as if it is behind you

3. Using the heel/instep of the foot that is facing outward, roll the ball up the back of your opposite leg

4. Continuing your momentum forward as if to do a hop, kick the ball up with the heel of the planted foot

5. Follow through and land on the opposite leg (the original leg that start the motion)

** The ball should propel over your head and land in front of you**

Check out these instructions and video to aid your execution process:

Uses- beat a defender, ridicule an opponent

Difficulty- 8 out of 10

Typically ameatur players do this move from a still position as more of a skill trick. However, this move can be done in the run of play.

This is a video of a rainbow executed in live action!