Ya Big Dummy

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

My apologies for the title.I’m in no way inferring that any of you all are a dummy, but it seems fitting to give a comical, stress-relieving post for this week’s Word Wednesday, since I’ve been studying for finals for the past 24 hours of my life. So without further ado: the Dummy.

Webster’s Dictionary would define the word dummy as 1. a person who is incapable of speaking, 2. a person who is habitually silent, or 3. a stupid person.

However, in the world of soccer, the term dummy has a much more respectable meaning. A dummy is actually a simple, brilliant skill that has developed in the game, and become a prominent strategic move. It can be used to spin a defender, or keep a pass/cross on-going to create time and space for a teammate.

Definition– a feint, deception, in which you let the ball roll between your legs instead of receiving it at your feet.

Uses- deceive a defender

Execution Process-

1. As the ball approaches, open your legs and let the ball roll between them.

2. Once the ball is through your legs, turn and run onto it.

**Adding a head or body gesture -to simulate a fake run or move as the ball rolls between your legs- increases the effectiveness of this skill.**

Difficulty- 1 out of 10

Here’s a video demonstrating a very basic execution of the dummy.


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