UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Second Leg Results: As of 4/18/11

Shakhtar Donetsk      0-1 (*agg. 1-6)       Barcelona

Man. United      2-1 (agg. 3-1)  Chelsea

Schalke     2-1 (agg. 7-3)      Inter Milan

Tottenham   0-1 (agg. 0-5)    Real Madrid

*agg= aggregate score, or total score between teams in quarterfinals matches. The aggregate score is used to take into account playing home games vs. playing away games. It is very hard to win on the road because of factors such as traveling, home field advantage, and atmosphere. Therefore the aggregate score takes into account the total score of both games, and alleviate any discrepancies and minimize chances of unfair advantages. The winner of the aggregate moves on to the next round.

UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Results: As of  4/7/11

Real Madrid    4-0      Tottenham

Inter Milan    2-5    Schalke

Chelsea      0-1     Manchester United

Barcelona    5-1    Shakhtar Donetsk


Arsenal vs. Barcelona– UEFA Champions League Match.

Final Score: Arsenal 2- Barcelona 1

The Arsenal Gunners, of London, England, were true comeback kids today in their match against the best team in the world, Barcelona. The match was held at Arsenal’s home field, Emirates Stadium. As a diehard Arsenal fan, I’m still exhilarated over today’s phenomenal win. This was Arsenal’s first win over Barcelona in club history, and a fantastic one at that, I might add. Brilliant soccer was played on both ends of the pitch, and although results looked promising for Barcelona heading into the second half, the Gunners proved their resilience and battled back. I’m so proud to be wearing my Arsenal scarf tonight!! If you missed the game check out some great highlight clips. Check back into this section for more updates on games. If you have any favorite clubs, shoot me a comment, and I’ll add updates on whichever club you wish to follow!!


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